WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 23 November 2020 – 29 November 2020

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ADCO wins $50m Western Power build [24/11/2020]

ADCO has been contracted to build Western Power’s new Forrestdale hub, which will house 850 operational and service employees.

Japanese owner of WA’s Bluewaters coal plant reports worst ever loss in face of energy transition [25/11/2020]

The Sumitomo Corporation has reported a stunning ¥26bn (US$251m) loss on its Western Australian Bluewaters coal fired power investment. The loss assures the company’s worst ever annual performance and comes as a result of international and financial pressure against coal funding.

W.A. mine becomes first to run on solar and battery only during daylight hours [25/11/2020]

An open-cut kaolin clay mine and geological waste repository in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region is being powered by renewable energy only during daylight hours, thanks to a solar and battery storage system custom built for the project through a power purchase agreement – and without any subsidies.

Goldfields to get a share of Perth basin gas with new $460 million pipeline [25/11/2020]

Gas infrastructure group APA has pulled the trigger on a new $460 million, 580-kilometre pipeline that will connect Perth basin onshore gas projects in the Mid West with the Goldfields region.

ARENA announces hydrogen microgrid funding [27/11/2020]

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $2.6 million in funding for Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable hydrogen generation in Western Australia.

WA town to test hydrogen plant [27/11/2020]

Construction of a hydrogen plant that will have enough energy to power 100 homes in the coastal town of Denham has been approved by the federal government.

WA to test world-first hydrogen-powered microgrid in Denham [27/11/2020]

Western Australia will test a world-first hydrogen-powered microgrid after a new project was approved 800km north-west of Perth — a move that will create dozens of jobs in the remote area.

Australia’s first remote, renewable hydrogen microgrid wins ARENA backing [27/11/2020]

Horizon Power plans to build Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable hydrogen generation in the Western Australia coastal town of Denham have won the backing of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.


WA Government: Western Power’s biggest depot to create 1,100 jobs [24/11/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today announced local company ADCO as the lead contractor to build Western Power’s $50 million South-Metro depot in Forrestdale.

APA: WA gas grid with new northern goldfields interconnect pipeline [25/11/2020]

APA Group (ASX: APA), today announced an investment of up to $460 million to construct a new 580-kilometre, 12-inch pipeline in Western Australia to connect emerging gas fields in the Perth Basin to the resource rich Goldfields region, forming an interconnected WA Gas Grid.

EPWA: Ability for Western Power to deploy Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) in its distribution licence area [26/11/2020]

The Minister for Energy has given approval for regulations to be made under section 43(3) of the Electricity Corporations Act 2005 (Corporations Act). The Electricity Corporations (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation Area of Operation) Amendment Regulations 2020 have been drafted to enable Western Power to provide SPS as a network replacement service.

WA Government: Denham renewable hydrogen microgrid an Australian-first [27/11/2020]

Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable hydrogen generation is becoming a reality as the Morrison and McGowan Governments support the trial of new energy technologies in remote Western Australia. The project will be a first-of-its-kind demonstration that will utilise solar and renewable hydrogen generation and storage to provide 526 MWh per annum of dispatchable renewable electricity, enough to power 100 residential homes.

Horizon Power: An Australian first to power Denham [27/11/2020]

Horizon Power is helping lead Australia’s energy transition with a move towards greater adoption of renewable energy through a commitment to build Australia’s first renewable hydrogen demonstration plant in Denham, Western Australia.


WA Electricity Consultative Forum (WAECF) 28 Meeting Pack [25/11/2020]

Information Paper: Ability for Western Power to deploy Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) in its distribution licence area [26/11/2020]

Electricity Corporations (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation Area of Operation) Amendment Regulations 2020 [26/11/2020]

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) Meeting 7 [26/11/2020]

a) Meeting Slides

b) Generator Monitoring Plans and Testing and Verification Mechanism

c) Requirements for Existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems

d) Generator Model Submission & Maintenance​

e) The Synergy WEM Market Readiness (WEMMR) program


Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) Information Paper and Regulations – Open till 17/12/2020

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 16 November 2020 – 22 November 2020

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Onslow DER Project shortlisted for prestigious industry award [16/11/2020]

Western Australia’s Horizon Power tailors energy systems to the needs and aspirations of its far-flung regional towns and communities. Onslow’s ground-breaking DER system incorporating a solar plant, gas power station, grid-scale battery storage, plus rooftop solar, residential batteries is up for a well-deserved accolade.

Massive WA renewable hydrogen project signs up Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners [16/11/2020]

Plans to develop a massive new renewable hydrogen production facility near Kalbarri in Western Australia, with up to 5,000MW of combined solar and wind projects to supply it, have won the backing of Denmark’s Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, or CIP.

Graph of the Day: Solar is now regularly hitting 50 pct share in Western Australia [18/11/2020]

Renewable energy records continue to tumble across the country, with the latest notable milestone being reached in Western Australia, where solar power is now regularly reaching  50 per cent of supply in the middle of the day.

WA pays business to consume power [20/11/2020]

Western Australia is generating so much solar power that the state-owned distribution network is paying customers to use electricity. The huge flow of solar power on sunny days is threatening to destabilise Perth’s power grid, prompting state-owned operator Western Power to pay businesses to use electricity on weekends and solar farms to turn themselves off.


WA Government: Solar panels power a brighter future for WA charities [20/11/2020]

Synergy Community Solar Fund donates six rooftop solar panels to not-for-profits. Since 2018, fund recipients have collectively saved almost $75,000.


MAC Meeting Papers for 17 November 2020 [17/11/2020]

Western Power: Annual Network Safety Performance Objectives 2020 [17/12/2020]

MAC Meeting Agenda Item 5 – ERA Presentation on RC_2019_03 [17/11/2020]

MAC Meeting Agenda Item 6 – EPWA Presentation – Rule Change Governance – Consultation on Changes [17/11/2020]

MAC Meeting Minutes for 20 October 2020 [17/11/2020]

GAB Meeting Papers [18/11/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 31 Slides [18/11/2020]

Western Power: Network Safety Performance Outcomes 2020/21 Quarter 1 [20/12/2020]


WEM Rule Change RC_2014_03: Administrative Improvements to the Outage Process – Open to 04/12/2020

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 9 November 2020 – 15 November 2020

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World’s largest renewable energy project proposed for north-west Australia ditches electricity in favour of ammonia exports [10/11/2020]

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub, an international green energy company planning to build the world’s largest wind-and-solar power generator in the Australian outback, has ditched plans to send electricity through thousands of kilometres of undersea cables to Singapore, despite receiving environmental approvals, hoping instead to produce ammonia for export instead of electricity.

Third-generation sparky to pocket $33m from float [10/11/2020]

GenusPlus founder David Riches is selling down his stake in the fast-growing company, which hopes to take advantage of an expected spending blitz on Australia’s energy sector over the next five years.

Oil companies join forces on 1.1GW offshore wind farm plan for WA [10/11/2020]

Pilot Energy’s plans to develop a 1,100MW offshore wind project alongside onshore wind and solar farms on the Western Australian coast have gained momentum this week after the oil and gas explorer signed a joint venture deal with fellow Perth resources outfit Triangle Energy.

Biggest solar farm outside main grids nearly complete, miner counts huge savings [10/11/2020]

The biggest solar farm to be built in Australia outside of its two main grids is nearing completion, with more than 90 per cent of the 60MW Chichester solar farm in the Pilbara installed as at the end of October.

Collie’s Bluewaters Power worthless: Sumitomo [10/11/2020]

Sumitomo has completely written off the debt-laden Bluewaters coal-fired power station in Collie after paying $600 million for it less than a decade ago.

Tesla tip spurs Perth company’s lithium-ion battery ambitions [11/11/2020]

ASX-listed company Altech Chemicals is hoping to hitch a ride on the booming electric vehicle market in a joint venture to develop the sort of high capacity, long cycle-life silicon-based materials hailed by Tesla as the next big thing in lithium-ion battery technology.

Jobs bonanza up for grabs if WA goes green, says Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report [12/11/2020]

Creating a “green” State would be a jobs bonanza for WA and add $16 billion to the local economy, while also shrinking its environmental footprint, according to a new Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report.

CPB fails in $8m claim [13/11/2020]

The Supreme Court has dismissed an $8.4 million damages claim by CPB Contractors against one of the suppliers on a Mid West wind farm project.


EPWA: Energy Consumer Grants [10/11/2020]

The Minister for Energy has announced the recipients of the first Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Grants funding round.

WA Government: New $15 million energy hub for Peel region [12/11/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today officially opened Western Power’s $15 million Pinjarra depot on Munday Avenue. The new depot combines the Mandurah and Waroona depots, and will enhance the co-ordination and service reach for customers in the Peel region. 


Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy [12/11/2020]

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre: the fifth report in the Focus on Industry series, looks at the green economy, taking stock of the current environmental footprint and development of ‘green’ sectors as well as identifying opportunities to grow a sustainable and diverse Western Australian economy.


EPWA: WA’s energy sector governance arrangements are changing [11/11/2020]

Improvements to WA’s energy sector governance arrangements are proposed to respond to the rapid pace of change in the sector. Energy Policy WA invites your feedback on these important developments. Link to consultation paper (PDF, 1.28 MB)

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 2 November 2020 – 8 November 2020

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Renewables overtake coal and gas for first time in Western Australia [02/11/2020]

The combined output of wind and solar and other renewable energy sources have overtaken the principal fossil fuel sources of coal and gas generation in Western Australia for the first time in the month of October.

NSW and W.A. post record rooftop solar installations, as Victoria bounces back [02/11/2020]

Rooftop solar installations had another record-breaking month in both New South Wales and Western Australia in October, helping the national market to keep up its cracking pace with a total of 252 MW of new capacity installed over the course of October.

New wind crushes coal on South West grid [02/11/2020]

Two new wind farms and surging rooftop solar installation has pushed renewable energy to 35% of South West WA’s power in October, mainly at the expense of coal.

Fuel security debate as juniors look elsewhere [03/11/2020]

Unions have called to nationalise the shuttering Kwinana refinery as players take sides in a fuel security debate, although most oil processed at the plant is already imported.

Argyle diamond mine closes but legend lives on [03/11/2020]

The legendary Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia has delivered its final stone. More than 40 years after the discovery that defied geological understanding and which event­ually turned the global diamond industry on its head, the Rio Tinto-owned mine has been officiall­y closed.

Nine takeaways from BP’s shock closure of its Kwinana refinery [04/11/2020]

The effect of BP closing its Kwinana oil refinery after 65 years will be felt far and wide in the WA economy – especially among workers and other industries, but BP will do just fine.

Horizon Power contracts NSW business [05/11/2020]

Sydney-based Mechanical Project Services has secured the contract to install solar panels at 30 Western Australian schools, as part of a $5 million state government project.


Chairman welcomes two new members to Western Power’s Board [04/11/2020]

Two new members, Ms Elisa Fear and Mr Monish Paul, have been appointed to our Board, and they will provide strategic guidance in our delivery of essential, future-ready energy solutions to the WA community.

WA Government: Lead contractor appointed for solar schools program [05/11/2020]

Mechanical Project Services appointed by Horizon Power as lead contractor for installation of rooftop solar. Solar Schools Program to benefit 30 regional public schools and create 12 jobs.

Horizon Power secures lead contractor for schools solar install program [05/11/2020]

Horizon Power has engaged Mechanical Project Services as the lead contractor to install rooftop solar systems as part of the Solar Schools program. Around 30 regional public schools to receive solar, reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in regional WA schools.

EPWA: Consumer Data Right [06/11/2020]

Energy Policy WA has released a paper on the applicability of the Consumer Data Right to the Western Australian energy sector.


Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 27 Slides [02/11/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 28 Slides [04/11/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 29 Slides [05/11/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 30 Slides [06/11/2020]

Position Paper: Energy Consumer Data Right in Western Australia [06/11/2020]

Information Sheet_Accessing your Energy Data [06/11/2020]


None this week

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 26 October 2020 – 1 November 2020

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Rapid timeline to meet gas power need [29/10/2020]

New gas power generation could be needed to supply Perth as early as 2024, with a project at Coolimba one candidate.

Hundreds of jobs to go as BP moves to shut down Kwinana refinery [30/10/2020]

BP has announced it will wind down operations at its Kwinana refinery over the next six months, taking 590 jobs with it.

BP to close WA’s Kwinana fuel refinery [30/10/2020]

BP has dealt a new blow to the federal government’s energy security policy by announcing it will halt fuel production at its Kwinana refinery in Western Australia, saying it is no longer economically viable.

Ben Harvey: Time to end the overtime rort in WA’s energy sector [31/10/2020]

Clocking up as much overtime as you can is a national sport in this country. But a few of the people running WA’s electricity system are taking the piss with how much extra work they do.

Synergy’s monopoly to end, power prices to fall under WA Liberal pledge [01/11/2020]

The WA Opposition pledges to introduce competition into the state’s energy market if it wins the coming state election, as leader Liza Harvey fends off speculation her party is doomed to defeat.

Liberal leader Liza Harvey promises to lower power bills if Liberals win 2021 State Election [01/11/2020]

WA households will be able to buy their electricity from suppliers other than the government-owned Synergy under a Liberal plan to overhaul the state’s energy market, Liza Harvey has promised.


Energy Policy WA – Annual Report 2019-20 [27/10/2020]

Energy Policy WA has published its inaugural Annual Report, covering the period 5 September 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Synergy: National Lifestyle Villages Tuart Lakes [28/10/2020]

Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village is located in Baldivis, approximately 48km south of central Perth. In May 2019, a 99.82 kW SolarReturn system was installed on the rooftop of the Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village. Based on the usage history at this location, potential savings are estimated at more than $35,000 per year.

EPWA: COVID-19 – $600 Household Electricity Credit and Hardship Support [29/10/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today provided an update on implementation of the Household Electricity Credit and hardship support available for these customers.


Energy Policy WA – Annual Report 2019-20 [27/10/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 25 Slides [27/10/2020]

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) Meeting 6 [29/10/2020]

a) Minutes

b) Meeting Slides

c) Congestion Information Resource

d) Communications and Control Requirements

e) Joint Industry Plan

f) Milestone Log

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 26 Slides [30/10/2020]


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WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 19 October 2020 – 25 October 2020

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AEMO reports record-low demand across the NEM [22/10/2020]

New records for minimum electricity demand have been recorded across the nation as Australia’s uptake of rooftop solar systems continues to climb.

Huge $50bn Pilbara green hydrogen hub granted major project status [23/10/2020]

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub, a plan to build a massive renewable energy hydrogen project of up to 26GW of wind and solar capacity in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, is set to enjoy a fast-tracked approvals process, after securing ‘major project status’ from the federal government.

Fast-track status for Asian Renewable Energy Hub’s giant Pilbara renewables project [23/10/2020]

The ambitious hydrogen project that seeks to become the world’s largest renewable energy export facility has received major project status from the Federal Government.

Solar plus storage better than grid connection for remote households [23/10/2020]

The Western Australian government has praised the use of solar and batteries to provide power to remote households and businesses, after Western Power replaced costly 230km of costly grid connections with stand-alone power systems that slashed costs and improved reliability.


WA Government: Minister Johnston launches sustainable home of the future [19/10/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today launched an affordable housing experiment between Mirvac, Synergy, Terrace and Keystart. The home has been built to a 9.1-star energy rating, taking into account various energy saving initiatives, including solar passive design, and water and energy efficient appliances. Synergy has provided rooftop solar panels and a battery to further reduce the energy requirements of the home and help the family better manage their electricity bills.

AEMO: Record minimum demand levels across Australia [22/10/2020]

Western Australia’s Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) logged a new Q3 minimum demand record with operational demand reaching 999 MW on 13 September. The balancing price floor (-$1,000/MWh) in Western Australia was hit six times during the quarter – it had only been previously been reached this threshold three times before in the history of the WEM.

WA Government: Energy technology a boon for regional WA homes [23/10/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston has congratulated Western Power on the successful deployment of 52 stand-alone power systems (SPS) at properties throughout the Mid-West, Goldfields, eastern Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions. It is the largest single deployment by a network business in Australia

Western Power: WA’s power digitisation recognised nationally [23/10/2020]

Western Power’s innovative Digital Substation pilot has won the national Digital Utility of the Year – Energy Award.


Market Advisory Committee (MAC) Meeting Papers [20/10/2020]

APA FY2020 Annual Meeting Address [22/10/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 24 Slides [22/10/2020]


None this week

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 12 October 2020 – 18 October 2020

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Renewable energy to replace coal in WA’s biggest power grid as solar hollows market, report predicts [12/10/2020]

More than half of Western Australia’s remaining coal-fired electricity capacity could be phased out within five years, according to a landmark report which charts the extraordinary rise of renewable energy.

Tailwind for wind, storage [12/10/2020]

About 870 megawatts of new gas capacity, and 5,260MW of renewables, could be needed by 2030 if WA’s economy grows dramatically.

Rooftop solar and battery storage take centre stage in W.A energy transition [12/10/2020]

Western Australia has unveiled its first 20-year blueprint into how the clean energy transition may evolve in its uniquely isolated grid, and it seems clear that rooftop solar PV and battery storage will take centre stage.

Natural gas to continue powering WA’s way of life [12/10/2020]

The WA Government’s inaugural “Whole of System Plan” (WOSP) highlights the ongoing role of natural gas to power WA’s way of life.

Renewable energy to power more than 70 per cent of WA’s South West Interconnected System by 2040 [12/10/2020]

Newly released modelling predicts at least 70% of WA’s main electricity network will be fueled by renewable energy in 2040.

WA’s Whole of System Plan forecasts renewable generation on the rise [13/10/2020]

The Western Australian Government has launched the state’s first Whole of System Plan (WOSP), giving a 20-year forecast on the future of the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), which shows a huge increase in renewable generation.

WA plans a slow move to greener power [13/10/2020]

Rooftop solar will make South-West WA power greener, but there is no path outlined for Collie’s future or to net-zero by 2050, according to a WA Government study.

WA energy utility Synergy to receive more than $700 million in taxpayer subsidies as revenue slides [13/10/2020]

West Australian taxpayers will fork out almost three-quarters of a billion dollars to subsidise loss-making electricity utility Synergy, which is being battered by low prices and a renewable energy onslaught.

Massive Asian Renewable Energy Hub grows to 26GW of wind and solar [16/10/2020]

The Western Australian government has granted state environmental approvals to the massive first stage of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, which proposes to build up to 15,000MW of new wind and solar power in the state’s Pilbara region and has expanded its long term plans to an extraordinary 26,000MW.


McGowan Government launches Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]

Energy Transformation Taskforce delivers inaugural Whole of System Plan. Renewable generation expected to triple by 2040, helping drive down emissions. Rooftop solar, wind generation and battery storage to play important role

AEMO welcomes inaugural WA Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) welcomes the release of the Western Australian (WA) Government’s inaugural Whole of System Plan (WOSP) – a comprehensive study of the possible changes to occur in WA’s major power system over the next 20 years.

Funding awarded for regional community partnerships [13/10/2020]

Funding awarded to support vibrant communities and thriving regions across WA. Horizon Power allocates $699,500 through its Community Partnerships Program. 73 community initiatives to benefit from funding of up to $50,000 


WA Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]


EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Tranche 1 Amending Rules and Explanatory Memorandum – open from 12 – 19 October 2020

EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Tranche 2 Amending Rules and Explanatory Memorandum – open till 16 November 2020

EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Draft WEM Procedures – open till 6 November 2020

EPWA Cost recovery for the non-scheme gas pipeline access regime – open till 19 November 2020

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 5 October 2020 – 11 October 2020

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Synergy seeking 100 MW of storage to follow the sun

The Western Australian Government is expanding its battery of solar-smoothing energy storage systems, with a 100 MW BESS proposed to move into the site of the old fossil-fueled Kwinana power station 30 km south of Perth.

Design contract for $350m renewable hydrogen plant [05/10/2020]

A decision on a $350 million renewable hydrogen plant is planned around February 2021, after Petrofac was picked for FEED work.

Large WA hydrogen project nears critical go-ahead [05/10/2020]

A “green” hydrogen project on the west coast that is set to be the country’s largest has taken a leap forward with the hiring of London-based oil and gas services company Petrofac to carry out engineering and design work.

$644m power credit praised [05/10/2020]

A $644 million package to credit electricity bills is a smart move to encourage spending, economists say, while recent retail trade data is strong for WA.

Bell windfall squandered [05/10/2020]

Premier Mark McGowan’s decision to give every household a $600 credit on their power bill will undoubtedly be a great vote winner, but comes with issues.

Grids struggle with solar splurge as records tumble [07/10/2020]

Numerous instances of record low demand for grid-based power this spring amid soaring rooftop solar use are causing headaches for the market operator and pushing network owners to trial tariff reforms and technical initiatives to help keep the lights on.

WA’s third-largest wind farm, Warradarge to reach full output by end of October [07/10/2020]

The Warradarge wind farm in Western Australia – the state’s newest and third largest wind project – will be up and running before the end of October, the state government says.

Gold Fields cleans up power supply at Granny Smith [07/10/2020]

The gold giant says the new solar-gas hybrid system at the northern Goldfields mine is one of the world’s biggest renewable energy microgrids.

Solar and battery microgrid completed at Granny Smith gold mine [08/10/2020]

Ground-breaking solar, battery and gas microgrid built to power remote W.A. gold mine is complete and cutting fossil fuel consumption by up to 13%.

Synergy in $27m loss [09/10/2020]

A freeze on disconnections, compliance rules for renewable energy generation and a court dispute have affected Synergy, as it posted a $27 million loss.

Synergy blames solar, COVID-19 for $27m loss [09/10/2020]

Energy provider Synergy lost $27.2 million last year after writing off more than $40 million in debt it expects coronavirus-impacted customers will never pay back.

Western Power lifts profit after operating uninterrupted during COVID-19 [09/10/2020]

Western Power has hiked its full-year profit by 6.8 per cent after the State-owned utility was able to continue operating at full capacity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia’s first utility scale solar farm is now four times bigger [09/10/2020]

Australia’s first utility scale solar farm, the 10MW Greenough River solar project near Geraldton in Western Australia, is now operating at four times its original capacity as the finishing touches are put on a long-awaited expansion.


WA Government: Warradarge powers up [07/10/2020]

The 180 megawatt Warradarge Wind Farm, near Eneabba, will power up to full capacity with all 51 turbines spinning and generating power by the end of October.


APA Climate Change Resilience Report [06/10/2020]

Benchmark Reserve Capacity Price Working Group – Meeting 2 Presentation [06/10/2020]

Benchmark Reserve Capacity Price Working Group – Meeting 2 Minutes [06/10/2020]

Western Power Electricity Licence Reporting Datasheets – NQR Code – 2020 [07/10/2020]

Western Power Electricity Licence Reporting Datasheets – Distribution – 2020 [07/10/2020]

Synergy 2020 Annual Report [08/10/2020]

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 28 September 2020 – 4 October 2020

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WA Flexibility Services Pilot cues a 100MW orchestra of DER [28/09/2020]

How to get the gigawatts of distributed solar generation in the WA’s South West Interconnected System to play nicely with the network: Western Power has gathered 100 MW of resource to test its coordinated ability to stabilise the system on low demand days.

Federal Budget: Indigenous jobs to be created in remote WA communities in energy funding boost [01/10/2020]

A Federal Government funding boost to be outlined in next week’s Budget will create jobs and deliver a more reliable and more affordable energy supply to WA’s remote communities.

Large lithium-ion battery to start operating at Kwinana to stabilise WA power system [02/10/2020]

One of the world’s biggest lithium-ion batteries will be operating in Kwinana in two years’ time, under a $100 million public-private sector collaboration unveiled by Synergy today.

Synergy to investigate WA’s biggest battery [02/10/2020]

The state government has announced Synergy will investigate building a 100 MW battery.

Too much of a good thing [02/10/2020]

The WA government needs to protect the state’s power networks, with rooftop PV systems in the crosshairs.

WA plans $100M big battery to balance solar [02/10/2020]

A huge battery in Kwinana will help tame the chaos in the South-West WA power system caused by soaring output from rooftop solar panels and pave the way for more renewable energy.

WA receives $15m for 100MW ‘big battery’ [02/10/2020]

The Morrison government has allocated $15 million towards the building of a 100 megawatt “big battery” in Western Australia.

West Australia to build 100MW big battery – the first on state’s main grid [03/10/2020]

The West Australia government says it plans to build a 100MW big battery with two hours storage to ease the pressure off the state’s ageing coal and gas generators as the share of renewable energy grows.

McGowan announces $600 electricity bill bonus for every WA household [04/10/2020]

Premier Mark McGowan has announced more than a million WA households will receive a $600 credit on their electricity account before their next bill. The $600 credit is fully funded through the recent Bell Group settlement, for the losses incurred in the Bell Group collapse in the early 1990s.

WA households get pre-Christmas boost with $600 power credit from Bell Group settlement [04/10/2020]

Every West Australian household will get a $600 credit, which will not be means tested, on their next power bill with the proceeds of this year’s Bell Group Liquidation.


WA Government: Big battery to power 160,000 homes in WA and create 100 local jobs [02/10/2020]

McGowan Government set to construct WA’s biggest battery – the size of 22 tennis courts and will be Australia’s second biggest battery. The 100 MW battery will be located at Synergy’s Kwinana Power Station. Battery will support uptake of renewables and long-term grid stability. Follows $66.3 million package, part of WA Recovery Plan, for clean energy projects.

Every WA household to receive a $600 electricity bill credit [04/10/2020]

Historic $600 one-off WA Household Electricity Credit on electricity bills to be received from November 1, 2020, helping families ahead of Christmas. In total, the average WA household will save $663.52, or 10.4 per cent, on the overall household basket of fees and charges in 2020-21.


Western Power Annual Reliability and Power Quality Report 2019/20 [01/10/2020]

Western Power Annual Reliability & Power Quality Report 2017-2020 Audit Summary [01/10/2020]

Western Power Annual Performance Report – Metering Code 2019/20 [01/10/2020]

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) Meeting 5 [01/10/2020]

a) Minutes

b) Meeting Slides

c) WEM Procedure: Developing Limit Advice

d) WEM Procedure: Limit Advice Requirements

e) Constraint Formulation

f) Transitional ESS Accreditation

WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 21 September 2020 – 27 September 2020


WA puts out call to develop 1.5 gigawatt wind and solar hydrogen hub [21/09/2020]

The West Australia government has put out a call for expressions of interest to develop a massive new 1.5GW renewable energy hydrogen hub in an industrial estate some 435kms north of Perth.

WA EPA & industry make real moves to net-zero by 2050 [25/09/2020]

Fortescue and Mitsui appear to have agreed massive emissions cuts with WA’s environmental watchdog that is now looking at Woodside and Chevron LNG projects.

Business customers offered incentives to manage solar, batteries and flexible loads [25/09/2020]

Western Power, the main network owner in Western Australia, is launching a trial this weekend with local businesses to see how incentives can be used to encourage customers to best manage their rooftop solar, battery storage and flexible loads.


WA Government: Renewable energy solutions making a difference in Derby [21/09/2020]

$5.2 million in renewable energy upgrades for Derby Hospital and Shire of Derby Upgrade of 827 LED streetlights to reduce local crime by 10 per cent. Another important piece of the State’s transition towards a low carbon future.

Horizon Power: Renewable energy solutions making a difference in Derby [22/09/2020]

Horizon Power is pleased to announce it will deliver $5.2 million worth of renewable energy projects in Derby, which will reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as help reduce night time crime and traffic incidents through better lighting.

Western Power: Charging up a hotwire [24/09/2020]

At Romina Nicoletti’s farm, keeping the roos out can be a problem if you don’t have power to the hotwires. That problem is about to be solved with Standalone Power Systems.

Synergy: Here’s what the future of solar is looking like for WA [24/09/2020]

While there’s no crystal ball, algorithm or matrix which can show us exactly what the future of energy will look like, we know that WA’s intelligent energy future is already on its way. More and more WA households and businesses are embracing new solutions. We know our collective energy future will be made of smarter, more efficient technology and solutions which adapt to what people need most.

Western Power launches flexibility services trial [25/09/2020]

Western Power, in conjunction with a number of WA business customers, will launch a trial of flexible energy services this weekend (the Flexibility Services Pilot) to learn how commercial and industrial businesses with large distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar PV and batteries, and manageable loads like heating and cooling systems, can be enabled to manage their generated load for a financial incentive.


Western Power 2020 Annual Report [23/09/2020]