WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 12 October 2020 – 18 October 2020


Renewable energy to replace coal in WA’s biggest power grid as solar hollows market, report predicts [12/10/2020]

More than half of Western Australia’s remaining coal-fired electricity capacity could be phased out within five years, according to a landmark report which charts the extraordinary rise of renewable energy.

Tailwind for wind, storage [12/10/2020]

About 870 megawatts of new gas capacity, and 5,260MW of renewables, could be needed by 2030 if WA’s economy grows dramatically.

Rooftop solar and battery storage take centre stage in W.A energy transition [12/10/2020]

Western Australia has unveiled its first 20-year blueprint into how the clean energy transition may evolve in its uniquely isolated grid, and it seems clear that rooftop solar PV and battery storage will take centre stage.

Natural gas to continue powering WA’s way of life [12/10/2020]

The WA Government’s inaugural “Whole of System Plan” (WOSP) highlights the ongoing role of natural gas to power WA’s way of life.

Renewable energy to power more than 70 per cent of WA’s South West Interconnected System by 2040 [12/10/2020]

Newly released modelling predicts at least 70% of WA’s main electricity network will be fueled by renewable energy in 2040.

WA’s Whole of System Plan forecasts renewable generation on the rise [13/10/2020]

The Western Australian Government has launched the state’s first Whole of System Plan (WOSP), giving a 20-year forecast on the future of the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), which shows a huge increase in renewable generation.

WA plans a slow move to greener power [13/10/2020]

Rooftop solar will make South-West WA power greener, but there is no path outlined for Collie’s future or to net-zero by 2050, according to a WA Government study.

WA energy utility Synergy to receive more than $700 million in taxpayer subsidies as revenue slides [13/10/2020]

West Australian taxpayers will fork out almost three-quarters of a billion dollars to subsidise loss-making electricity utility Synergy, which is being battered by low prices and a renewable energy onslaught.

Massive Asian Renewable Energy Hub grows to 26GW of wind and solar [16/10/2020]

The Western Australian government has granted state environmental approvals to the massive first stage of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, which proposes to build up to 15,000MW of new wind and solar power in the state’s Pilbara region and has expanded its long term plans to an extraordinary 26,000MW.


McGowan Government launches Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]

Energy Transformation Taskforce delivers inaugural Whole of System Plan. Renewable generation expected to triple by 2040, helping drive down emissions. Rooftop solar, wind generation and battery storage to play important role

AEMO welcomes inaugural WA Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) welcomes the release of the Western Australian (WA) Government’s inaugural Whole of System Plan (WOSP) – a comprehensive study of the possible changes to occur in WA’s major power system over the next 20 years.

Funding awarded for regional community partnerships [13/10/2020]

Funding awarded to support vibrant communities and thriving regions across WA. Horizon Power allocates $699,500 through its Community Partnerships Program. 73 community initiatives to benefit from funding of up to $50,000 


WA Whole of System Plan [12/10/2020]


EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Tranche 1 Amending Rules and Explanatory Memorandum – open from 12 – 19 October 2020

EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Tranche 2 Amending Rules and Explanatory Memorandum – open till 16 November 2020

EPWA Foundation Regulatory Frameworks: Draft WEM Procedures – open till 6 November 2020

EPWA Cost recovery for the non-scheme gas pipeline access regime – open till 19 November 2020