WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 16 November 2020 – 22 November 2020


Onslow DER Project shortlisted for prestigious industry award [16/11/2020]

Western Australia’s Horizon Power tailors energy systems to the needs and aspirations of its far-flung regional towns and communities. Onslow’s ground-breaking DER system incorporating a solar plant, gas power station, grid-scale battery storage, plus rooftop solar, residential batteries is up for a well-deserved accolade.

Massive WA renewable hydrogen project signs up Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners [16/11/2020]

Plans to develop a massive new renewable hydrogen production facility near Kalbarri in Western Australia, with up to 5,000MW of combined solar and wind projects to supply it, have won the backing of Denmark’s Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, or CIP.

Graph of the Day: Solar is now regularly hitting 50 pct share in Western Australia [18/11/2020]

Renewable energy records continue to tumble across the country, with the latest notable milestone being reached in Western Australia, where solar power is now regularly reaching  50 per cent of supply in the middle of the day.

WA pays business to consume power [20/11/2020]

Western Australia is generating so much solar power that the state-owned distribution network is paying customers to use electricity. The huge flow of solar power on sunny days is threatening to destabilise Perth’s power grid, prompting state-owned operator Western Power to pay businesses to use electricity on weekends and solar farms to turn themselves off.


WA Government: Solar panels power a brighter future for WA charities [20/11/2020]

Synergy Community Solar Fund donates six rooftop solar panels to not-for-profits. Since 2018, fund recipients have collectively saved almost $75,000.


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