WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 21 December 2020 – 27 December 2020

A major milestone to round out the year with the gazettal of Tranche 2 and 3 of the WEM Rules amendments, thus paving the way for a new Wholesale Electricity Market design commencing October 2022.


Trucked LNG displaces gas pipelines and diesel as WA miners opt for hybrid energy [21/12/2020]

The tumbling cost of renewable hybrid power is disrupting the remote power sector in Western Australia. Advances in technology have driven the falling cost of renewables, particularly solar photovoltaic (PV), which have experienced a staggering 82 per cent global drop in costs over the last decade. Increasingly, miners are opting for hybrid power solutions that pair solar PV with LNG as a reliable and complementary low-carbon fuel source.


EPWA: Applications for arbitrators and technical experts in energy generation are now open [23/12/2020]

The Coordinator of Energy is seeking applications for arbitrators and technical experts in energy generation to support a dispute resolution process accessible by existing generators in negotiating generator performance standards and monitoring plans. Applications close 22 January 2021.

EPWA: New Wholesale Electricity Market arrangements for the South West Interconnected System [24/12/2020]

The Minister for Energy has made new Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) Rules to implement fundamental changes to the design of the market, to commence from 1 October 2022.


Energy Transformation Taskforce – Newsletter 9 – December 2020 [23/12/2020]

Wholesale Electricity Market Amendment (Tranches 2 and 3 Amendments) Rules 2020 [24/12/2020]

WEM Rules Amendments: Notice of Gazettal [24/12/2020]


REPC_2020_01: Changes to Market Procedure: Notices and Communications – Procedure Change Proposal [21/12/2020] – Open till 21/01/2021

REPC_2020_02: Changes to Market Procedure: Procedure Administration – Procedure Change Proposal [21/12/2020] – Open till 21/01/2021