WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 25 January 2021 – 31 January 2021


Standalone power systems could confer up to $1.5 billion in saved network costs and community resilience to disaster [25/01/2021]

Edge-of-grid communities are under increasing threat of debilitating power outages due to disasters driven by climate change. A new report quantifies the benefits of transitioning some 244 communities to microgrids or individual power systems. […] In Western Australia both state-government-owned energy suppliers, Western Power and Horizon Power, have successfully transitioned far-flung properties and communities to standalone energy systems, and achieved significant savings in the process.

Solar defies 2020 gloom [27/01/2021]

Solar power installations in Western Australia hit a record level last year, according to consultancy Sunwiz, with Perth systems cheaper than those in other states.

Solar power outshines old records despite gloom of pandemic [27/01/2021]

Solar power continues to shine despite the coronavirus downturn, with every state and territory except Tasmania breaking records for installed capacity of large-scale and rooftop solar last year.

Prices are down from power bill credit [27/01/2021]

Prices in Perth deflated 1 per cent in the December quarter, thanks to the government’s electricity credit, but there’s an underlying upward pressure.

Stand-alone Power [27/01/2021]

GWN7 news clip on the standalone power systems rolled out by Western Power.

Collie to be home to renewables plant that turns landfill waste into energy [28/01/2021]

Private renewable energy company Renergi will build a waste-to-energy demonstration plant in Collie which will turn 1.5 tonnes of organic, forestry and agricultural waste into bio-fuel each hour.

$17m contracts for power roll out [28/01/2021]

The state government has awarded contracts worth $17 million for 98 new stand-alone power systems and partial funding for a $9.4 million biofuel plant.

Domestic gas boost as Woodside, State Government approve new pipeline [29/01/2021]

The new line will link the company’s Pluto and North West Shelf projects, pushing more gas into the domestic market. Woodside’s Pluto plant will be linked to the North West Shelf project by a new pipeline.

More Woodside gas to flow into WA [29/01/2021]

A deal struck by Woodside Petroleum with the Western Australian government will see more gas from the Pluto and North West Shelf fields flow into the domestic market despite current low prices.


WA Government: Contracts awarded for Australia’s largest SPS rollout [28/01/2021]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today announced $17 million worth of contracts will be awarded to local businesses to revolutionise power supply in regional Western Australia. From July 2021, 98 stand-alone power systems (SPS) will be rolled out across WA’s network marking Australia’s largest single rollout of SPS.

ARENA: Turning waste to biofuel could deliver new industry for Collie [28/01/2021]

On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced $3.9 million in funding to Renergi Pty Ltd (Renergi) for the development of the next phase of Renergi’s energy from waste technology in Collie, Western Australia.

Horizon Power: More customers to access renewable energy through BESS [28/01/2021]

Increased access to renewable energy is a step closer for five regional Western Australian towns with Horizon Power developing pathways for new Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to be installed in Carnarvon, Marble Bar, Wiluna, Yalgoo and Yungngora.


None this week.


EPWA: How can we better protect electricity customers? [25/01/2021]

The ‘Small Use Code’ that outlines minimum protections for Western Australian households and small business electricity customers is currently under review.