WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 26 October 2020 – 1 November 2020


Rapid timeline to meet gas power need [29/10/2020]

New gas power generation could be needed to supply Perth as early as 2024, with a project at Coolimba one candidate.

Hundreds of jobs to go as BP moves to shut down Kwinana refinery [30/10/2020]

BP has announced it will wind down operations at its Kwinana refinery over the next six months, taking 590 jobs with it.

BP to close WA’s Kwinana fuel refinery [30/10/2020]

BP has dealt a new blow to the federal government’s energy security policy by announcing it will halt fuel production at its Kwinana refinery in Western Australia, saying it is no longer economically viable.

Ben Harvey: Time to end the overtime rort in WA’s energy sector [31/10/2020]

Clocking up as much overtime as you can is a national sport in this country. But a few of the people running WA’s electricity system are taking the piss with how much extra work they do.

Synergy’s monopoly to end, power prices to fall under WA Liberal pledge [01/11/2020]

The WA Opposition pledges to introduce competition into the state’s energy market if it wins the coming state election, as leader Liza Harvey fends off speculation her party is doomed to defeat.

Liberal leader Liza Harvey promises to lower power bills if Liberals win 2021 State Election [01/11/2020]

WA households will be able to buy their electricity from suppliers other than the government-owned Synergy under a Liberal plan to overhaul the state’s energy market, Liza Harvey has promised.


Energy Policy WA – Annual Report 2019-20 [27/10/2020]

Energy Policy WA has published its inaugural Annual Report, covering the period 5 September 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Synergy: National Lifestyle Villages Tuart Lakes [28/10/2020]

Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village is located in Baldivis, approximately 48km south of central Perth. In May 2019, a 99.82 kW SolarReturn system was installed on the rooftop of the Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village. Based on the usage history at this location, potential savings are estimated at more than $35,000 per year.

EPWA: COVID-19 – $600 Household Electricity Credit and Hardship Support [29/10/2020]

Energy Minister Bill Johnston today provided an update on implementation of the Household Electricity Credit and hardship support available for these customers.


Energy Policy WA – Annual Report 2019-20 [27/10/2020]

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 25 Slides [27/10/2020]

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) Meeting 6 [29/10/2020]

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c) Congestion Information Resource

d) Communications and Control Requirements

e) Joint Industry Plan

f) Milestone Log

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG) Meeting 26 Slides [30/10/2020]


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