WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 28 September 2020 – 4 October 2020


WA Flexibility Services Pilot cues a 100MW orchestra of DER [28/09/2020]

How to get the gigawatts of distributed solar generation in the WA’s South West Interconnected System to play nicely with the network: Western Power has gathered 100 MW of resource to test its coordinated ability to stabilise the system on low demand days.

Federal Budget: Indigenous jobs to be created in remote WA communities in energy funding boost [01/10/2020]

A Federal Government funding boost to be outlined in next week’s Budget will create jobs and deliver a more reliable and more affordable energy supply to WA’s remote communities.

Large lithium-ion battery to start operating at Kwinana to stabilise WA power system [02/10/2020]

One of the world’s biggest lithium-ion batteries will be operating in Kwinana in two years’ time, under a $100 million public-private sector collaboration unveiled by Synergy today.

Synergy to investigate WA’s biggest battery [02/10/2020]

The state government has announced Synergy will investigate building a 100 MW battery.

Too much of a good thing [02/10/2020]

The WA government needs to protect the state’s power networks, with rooftop PV systems in the crosshairs.

WA plans $100M big battery to balance solar [02/10/2020]

A huge battery in Kwinana will help tame the chaos in the South-West WA power system caused by soaring output from rooftop solar panels and pave the way for more renewable energy.

WA receives $15m for 100MW ‘big battery’ [02/10/2020]

The Morrison government has allocated $15 million towards the building of a 100 megawatt “big battery” in Western Australia.

West Australia to build 100MW big battery – the first on state’s main grid [03/10/2020]

The West Australia government says it plans to build a 100MW big battery with two hours storage to ease the pressure off the state’s ageing coal and gas generators as the share of renewable energy grows.

McGowan announces $600 electricity bill bonus for every WA household [04/10/2020]

Premier Mark McGowan has announced more than a million WA households will receive a $600 credit on their electricity account before their next bill. The $600 credit is fully funded through the recent Bell Group settlement, for the losses incurred in the Bell Group collapse in the early 1990s.

WA households get pre-Christmas boost with $600 power credit from Bell Group settlement [04/10/2020]

Every West Australian household will get a $600 credit, which will not be means tested, on their next power bill with the proceeds of this year’s Bell Group Liquidation.


WA Government: Big battery to power 160,000 homes in WA and create 100 local jobs [02/10/2020]

McGowan Government set to construct WA’s biggest battery – the size of 22 tennis courts and will be Australia’s second biggest battery. The 100 MW battery will be located at Synergy’s Kwinana Power Station. Battery will support uptake of renewables and long-term grid stability. Follows $66.3 million package, part of WA Recovery Plan, for clean energy projects.

Every WA household to receive a $600 electricity bill credit [04/10/2020]

Historic $600 one-off WA Household Electricity Credit on electricity bills to be received from November 1, 2020, helping families ahead of Christmas. In total, the average WA household will save $663.52, or 10.4 per cent, on the overall household basket of fees and charges in 2020-21.


Western Power Annual Reliability and Power Quality Report 2019/20 [01/10/2020]

Western Power Annual Reliability & Power Quality Report 2017-2020 Audit Summary [01/10/2020]

Western Power Annual Performance Report – Metering Code 2019/20 [01/10/2020]

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) Meeting 5 [01/10/2020]

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b) Meeting Slides

c) WEM Procedure: Developing Limit Advice

d) WEM Procedure: Limit Advice Requirements

e) Constraint Formulation

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