WA Electricity Industry Weekly News Roundup: 5 October 2020 – 11 October 2020


Synergy seeking 100 MW of storage to follow the sun

The Western Australian Government is expanding its battery of solar-smoothing energy storage systems, with a 100 MW BESS proposed to move into the site of the old fossil-fueled Kwinana power station 30 km south of Perth.

Design contract for $350m renewable hydrogen plant [05/10/2020]

A decision on a $350 million renewable hydrogen plant is planned around February 2021, after Petrofac was picked for FEED work.

Large WA hydrogen project nears critical go-ahead [05/10/2020]

A “green” hydrogen project on the west coast that is set to be the country’s largest has taken a leap forward with the hiring of London-based oil and gas services company Petrofac to carry out engineering and design work.

$644m power credit praised [05/10/2020]

A $644 million package to credit electricity bills is a smart move to encourage spending, economists say, while recent retail trade data is strong for WA.

Bell windfall squandered [05/10/2020]

Premier Mark McGowan’s decision to give every household a $600 credit on their power bill will undoubtedly be a great vote winner, but comes with issues.

Grids struggle with solar splurge as records tumble [07/10/2020]

Numerous instances of record low demand for grid-based power this spring amid soaring rooftop solar use are causing headaches for the market operator and pushing network owners to trial tariff reforms and technical initiatives to help keep the lights on.

WA’s third-largest wind farm, Warradarge to reach full output by end of October [07/10/2020]

The Warradarge wind farm in Western Australia – the state’s newest and third largest wind project – will be up and running before the end of October, the state government says.

Gold Fields cleans up power supply at Granny Smith [07/10/2020]

The gold giant says the new solar-gas hybrid system at the northern Goldfields mine is one of the world’s biggest renewable energy microgrids.

Solar and battery microgrid completed at Granny Smith gold mine [08/10/2020]

Ground-breaking solar, battery and gas microgrid built to power remote W.A. gold mine is complete and cutting fossil fuel consumption by up to 13%.

Synergy in $27m loss [09/10/2020]

A freeze on disconnections, compliance rules for renewable energy generation and a court dispute have affected Synergy, as it posted a $27 million loss.

Synergy blames solar, COVID-19 for $27m loss [09/10/2020]

Energy provider Synergy lost $27.2 million last year after writing off more than $40 million in debt it expects coronavirus-impacted customers will never pay back.

Western Power lifts profit after operating uninterrupted during COVID-19 [09/10/2020]

Western Power has hiked its full-year profit by 6.8 per cent after the State-owned utility was able to continue operating at full capacity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia’s first utility scale solar farm is now four times bigger [09/10/2020]

Australia’s first utility scale solar farm, the 10MW Greenough River solar project near Geraldton in Western Australia, is now operating at four times its original capacity as the finishing touches are put on a long-awaited expansion.


WA Government: Warradarge powers up [07/10/2020]

The 180 megawatt Warradarge Wind Farm, near Eneabba, will power up to full capacity with all 51 turbines spinning and generating power by the end of October.


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