What we do

Power System Modelling

  • Network modelling
  • Control system modelling for dynamic components, e.g. AVRs, governors, solar inverters, wind turbine generators, SVCs, variable speed drives, tap controllers, etc
  • Independent third-party model reviews

Steady-State Studies

  • Balanced and unbalanced load flow and short circuit studies
  • Reactive power reserve, compensation and voltage stability studies
  • Harmonic load flow and resonance studies

Time-Domain Dynamic (RMS) Studies

  • Transient stability studies
  • Dynamic voltage stability studies
  • Frequency stability studies
  • Motor starting and re-acceleration studies

Grid Connection Studies

  • Grid code compliance studies
  • Generator connection studies
  • Network access and HV submissions

Protection Studies

  • Protection relay coordination
  • Unit protection
  • Generator protection
  • Arc flash analysis

Electromagnetic Transients (EMT) Studies

  • Insulation coordination
  • Lightning overvoltage studies
  • Switching overvoltage studies
  • Transformer energisation and ferroresonance studies

Earthing and AC Interference Studies

  • Earth potential rise studies
  • Touch and step potential studies
  • Earth grid design verification
  • Low frequency induction studies
  • Capacitive coupling studies
  • Conductive coupling studies