Low-fi is a simulation tool for calculating the low frequency induction (LFI) effects between an overhead powerline and a buried pipeline sharing a joint right-of-way. The LFI calculations are performed to AS/NZS 4853 and CIGRE WG 36.02 standards.

Download Low-fi here (41.2 MB)

Download the user manual

Download the validation report


Moto is a unique standalone tool for estimating induction motor equivalent circuit parameters from data commonly found on manufacturer data sheets (e.g. rated power factor, efficiency, breakdown torque, etc).

Sigma Power Engineering can assist you with your motor modelling requirements by checking your models or by creating motor models for you. Contact us for more information.

Download Moto here (44.0 MB)

Download the user manual


To run the software tools, simply download the package, unzip and run the executable file Low-fi.exe or Moto.exe. If you find any bugs, errors, or have trouble running the tool, please send us a message at

License and Disclaimer

The software packages Low-fi and Moto are provided free of charge.

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